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Aaron C. Yeagle

After 20+ years in the music business working for MCA/Universal, The Welk Music Group / Vanguard Recors, The Musicland Group, Allegro Media, and his own label, Alula Records Aaron jumped the music ship and into the design fray in 2004. He’s developed well over 500 websites since then, designed 100+ album covers, 100+ book covers and innumerable memes.


As if that weren’t enough, Aaron is founder of, a book review site,, a publisher, and his consulting firm Talk about a glutton for punishment!

Dexter Bond
VP of Social Media

A graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in Communications, Dex spent a number of years working at one of the top PR firms in the country, Finn Partners, Chicago. He quickly realized cube life wasn’t for him


He decided to enter the solopreneur fray and began to focus on his passion … social media, and helping small to mid-sized businesses find their place in the internet. Working in a more “high-touch” environment crates an atmosphere of partnership and growth that isn’t found in a large company. He’s recently joined the Book Marketing Team as VP of Social Media.

Jesse Petrich

A graduate of the University of Sioux Falls with a degree in Fine Arts/Graphic Design, Jesse spent a few years bouncing around before he ended up working for FedEx when he soon realized his design skills were fading into the aether.


He spends way too much time making extremely popular and oft-times questionable memes for Facebook. After reaching the ripe old age of 32, Jesse decided to put on his big boy britches and get back into what he loves … designing great works of art; an dnow he’s here, gracing us all with his snarky presence.

Multimedia Designer

A graduate of the Universidade de Sao Paulo, with a degree in Multimedia Design, Lucas came to America to work in Los Angeles in an intern program with Paramount Television. He fell in love with his work and the city and began working toward his citizenship. 


He learned much during his tenure at Paramount but he decided to join a small production company where he could really stretch his wings.


He discovered the Book Trailer Creation Team and has been a part of our small but growing company for the past year.

Contact the book MARKETING team

Feel free to contact us and ask questions, delve into our minds, or even ask us out on a date … either way, we’ll respond.


How much will a book trailer set me back?

Gobs and gobs. With great book trailers comes great cost. Seriously, we do our best to keep the cost as low as possible while keeping the quality high.

That being said, we have a few options for you. We have a selection of video “templates” where we simply add the images and text you provide that are exceptionally affordable – around $50. Next, we have much more advanced templates where we add your images, text, video clips, and truly customize for a great book trailer – $300 – 500 depending on the complexity. If you have the budget, we can develop a fully custom book trailer with a script and actors and 4K digital camera – sky’s the limit here.

How quick is your turn around?

Frankly, you should start thinking about your book trailer as soon as you enter the editing phase.

But this sums it up quite nicely:

“Fast & Cheap is Not Good
Cheap & Good is Not Fast
Good & Fast is Not Cheap”

Generally speaking, the least expensive option has a 48-hour turn around while a top of the line video might be 3 months!

What assets will I need for my cover?

For a typical book trailer we will need the high resolution book cover, the book blurb, early review snippets, and possibly a few additional elements based on the template you choose.

Otherwise, we will need to work with you on larger productions.

Do you offer any additional services to authors?

In order to keep the quality of our book trailers to our high standards we only provide unbelievable, high-quality book trailers. We do have connections to web designers, book cover designers, social media marketers, and book marketing companies.

If you need these services, let us know and we will connect you.

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