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Bad Lies is the story of Eddie Bennison, a successful pro golfer on the Senior Champions Tour. When, at the peak of his success, the golf world’s most popular magazine runs articles that claim Eddie is cheating and doping to get ahead, his world is shattered. The damage to his career and his life are irreparable, so he files a highly-publicized lawsuit accusing the magazine and its affiliated companies of libel.

Now it’s a battle between Bennison’s lawyer, Charlie Mayfield, a sole practitioner with a reputation for taking on big corporate defendants, and the battery of high-priced legal talent the magazine and its company have hired to defend their First Amendment rights—as they see them. Charlie must balance the jury and the opposing counsel, the convoluted Illinois laws regarding libel, and the media maelstrom surrounding the high-profile, contentious case that only intensifies when a woman claiming that Bennison physically abused her appears and threatens to derail everything.

Weaving in and out of the courtroom, across the offices of the lawyers, the litigants, and Bennison’s sponsors, and through well-known golf courses, Bad Lies is a gripping, entertaining novel that gives the reader a better understanding of how the First Amendment can serve as a sword as well as a shield.