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In the past ten to twenty years, everything that was once believed to be true about how we best succeed had been turned upside down. Success, it seems, depends much more on one’s inner game than was previously thought. The old notions of getting a good education and working hard as the pathway to success are not only outdated and not necessarily true, they are likely standing in the way of you feeling and achieving all that you desire.

What is this revolution? It is not about creating better habits, it’s about what underlies your habits. It’s not about working and practicing thousands of hours to develop excellence; it’s about what would have you do so.

The revolution I am talking about is that scientists, philosophers, coaches and performance experts of all stripes are starting to address the underlying element of all human endeavor: human consciousness, energy, or what Jackie Woodside calls your “vibe.”

Bestselling author and coaching expert, Jackie Woodside has spent decades studying and working with the leading edges of the human potential movement. What she has found is revealed in this stunning new book, Money Vibe. What you will learn is that elevating your consciousness is the single most effective way to bring about the changes in your financial life and in the success you desire.

Today, the understanding of energy and vibe is becoming a mainstream topic. Everyone understands the notion of vibe as a layman’s term. This book takes the notion of vibe from the layman to the practitioner to the application of how to manage your vibe to accelerate the accomplishment of what you want in life.