The Organ Pipes of the Soul: A Theodicy of Love and Reincarnation in a Desperate Afterlife is a story about good and evil, reincarnation, and meeting God — a story about second chances and second-death in a dangerous afterlife where the dead must reincarnate or perish — set in an afterlife that is under attack from a man who wants to end reincarnation using a machine that can create anything, and from a rogue caretaker who wants more than the shadowy immortality Arthur’s afterlife can offer him. It’s a theodicy about discovering destiny, about the moral dilemma of reincarnation, about faith and doubt and the victory of love.

The Organ Pipes of the Soul is a story about Arthur, an amnesiac who washes up on the Isle of the Dead, only to discover as he recovers his memories that he is largely responsible for much of what goes on in this afterlife and why everything is going wrong. It’s a story of his search for the one love he waited thirty lifetimes to make his own. It’s a story about that love, Elle, a pianist “back home,” who arrives on the Waking Shore unsure whether she should reincarnate because Arthur had broken her heart in their short life together. Her story is her discovery of how her own strength and courage become the path of her transcendence. But The Organ Pipes of the Soul is also a story about a warrior woman who calls herself Coyote who wakes up in the afterlife with a hole where her heart should be. Coyote is a woman who never belonged anywhere in life, and who doesn’t feel she belongs in this afterlife, but in time realizes she is essential to its salvation. Hers is a story of her discovery of her own worth, and her discovery that love is possible even for a Coyote.

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