What is a Book Funnel?

Book Funnel Your Way to Success!

There’s a fantastic marketing technique that works incredibly well for non-fiction books in particular. It’s the book funnel.

You may have heard about sales funnels before; book funnels are the same thing. Its a sales and promotion process that takes a site visitor from a purchaser of one item to a purchaser of possibly multiple items. I call it traveling down the “YES!” road.

A book/sales funnel is a trip down the shopping aisle. You’ve brought them to the store (your website) with a special offer of some kind (downloadable chapter, or free++)and once they’ve taken you up on your initial offer, you give them another one, and then another … sometimes a cross-sell, sometimes an up-sell, and at others a down-sell.

How It Works
Step One is simple, get a person into the funnel. This typically means advertising and promoting your book as “free” …. I call it the FREE++ game. “Get my new book absolutely free, just pay shipping and handling.”

In the process of signing up to get their free book (this can be the print version or digital) you have acquired a name and email to add to your list. Upon selecting the Free++ offer, they are taken to what’s called a cross-sell; for example, a workbook that goes with the first offer.

Step Two A cross-sell is typically something of equivalent retail value of the offer that works in tandem with the original offer. If you first offer has a retail value of $19.95 then that should be the cost of the cross-sell.

Step Three Next, whether they add the workbook to the shopping cart or not, they are taken to an up-sell. An up-sell will be something with a relatively high value; this might be the audiobook version of your offer – valued at $49 or it might be an on-line course (valued at $99) that works in tandem with your offer.

Step Four Then, whether they add the up-sell to the shopping cart or not, they are taken to another up-sell – typically a big ticket offer – say, a three month one-on-one coaching program or similar. Sometimes, the online course is the big ticket item. What you really want is something that has a value of $1,000. It could be $5,000, $10,0000, or higher!

Step Five Now we come to the down-sell. Thus far in the funnel we have provided high-value items at a cost that gets the “Yes!” response: “Yes! I’ll take that FREE book (for $7.95 postage and handling)” “Yes! I’d love that workbook. It will help me … (for only $19.95 but provided as a digital downloads.)” “Yes! Having the audiobook is perfect for my commute! ($49.95 digital download)”

Step Six Then … “Ouch! $999.00 for that online course and live coaching calls sound great, especially with all those extras! but it’s a little rich for my blood.” (BTW the technique of adding items on top of the amazing up-sell offer to make it even more valuable is called “stacking.”

We have a minor problem then don’t we? We’ve given them all the reasons in the world to buy into the up-sell but the price put up a wall. Frankly, depending on your audience, not many people have $1,000 just laying around to invest in a coaching program or similar.

Step Seven Of course, there will be a number of people who take you up on the up-sell, especially if you’ve stacked it properly but a vast majority need a little help; so we offer a down-sell. The down-sell can be as simple as a BIG discount .. say 50%! Use a line like “I understand it may be difficult to come up with $1,000 for my program but you’ve come this far so I know you are really gung-ho about this program and I don’t want you to miss out. So, for a limited time, I’ll give the entire package to you for only $499!”

You can also unstack the offer in the down-sell but the best reactions come when your $1,000+ program cost is reduced by half.

When all is said and done, creating a book funnel like this could easily produce $20,000 and more in sales! If you belief you and your book have the potential for use in a book funnel or simply want to investigate the concept to see if it will work for you and your book contact me TODAY!

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